Avignon and Vaucluse choose OTIPASS

Initiated in October 2017, as part of a concerted digital strategy and in partnership with all Vaucluse tourism managers (EPCI and OTI), the project has since been led by the Vaucluse Provence Attractivité agency.

After a presentation of several projects, the idea of a Digital Pass was finally chosen. The project is co-piloted with Avignon Tourisme, which was looking for an alternative solution for its own Avignon Passion system, deployed over the past ten years in the  Avignon area. It became obvious that it is  natural to share the two projects rather than deploy two parallel solutions.

In January 2018, following a consultation conducted in collaboration with the Department's IT organizations, OTIPASS is the technical service provider selected to deploy the digital solution and manage the financial flows related to the sale of the Pass.

The objective of the projects  are to increase the visitor's time spent on the territory, to encourage the mobility of visitors within the department and to improve the customer relationship management. For visitors, the Digital Pass gives a synthetic view of the territory's offer while benefiting from a real financial advantage.

For Yolanda Rousselet, founder and commercial director of OTIPASS, "This first success in the territory,  where the company is established, is particularly appreciated and reinforces the company's leading position in the digital tourist passport market.".

Cathy Fermanian, Managing Director of Vacluse Provence Attractivité, commented: "Otipass's experience in deploying digital touristic passports has been very useful in helping us to implement our project throughout the Vaucluse department. This project has the particularity of being shared with Avignon Tourisme, which led Otipass to set up a platform governed by two administrators with specific products for each and different financial flows to manage, a first for this service provider who was able to meet the challenge and adapt to our constraints. ».