Multiservices Pass Platform


OTIPASS offers a platform for managing access to services offered in local authorities... from a single medium (card, mobile).

The main areas concerned are :

  • Sports and leisure facilities,
  • Culture and tourism,
  • Mobility,
  • Click&collect and loyalty programs,
  • Youth pass,
  • Physical access control,
  • Extracurricular activities and early childhood,
  • Catering.

The OTIPASS multiservice platform is compatible with the AMC standard and therefore complies with the European Regulation on the protection of personal data.

Back-office features

  • Integration with the application architecture
     Connectors with business applications for managing identifiers in services.
  • User registration + associated services:
     Recording of user registration information. Pre-checking of supporting                     documents. Optional automatic recognition of documents. Creation and                   management of service packages associated with the card (key information on         services including rates, validity period, etc.).
  • Rights management:
     Management of Pass validity dates. Blocking of Passes in the event of loss or             theft. Enrolment of a new service on an existing Pass (takeover of existing data -    no constraints for the user).

Front Office: mobile application and website

Our offer consists of a front office website and a mobile application.
Online pre-registration :
- Pre-booking of a Pass on the front office with registration fields and loading of supporting documents.
- Display of a catalogue of available offers (key information associated with the offers) :
           Redirection to the dedicated sites for full registration.
           Redirection to the dedicated sites for re-subscription.

Customised accounts:
- Visualisation of subscription, subscribed offers, order history, remaining credit balance for paid services.
- Possibility to buy tickets with secure payment system.
Loyalty :
- Possibility of acquiring and using loyalty points (rewarded eco-citizen gestures / loyalty card for city centre shops, etc.).

A new generation of monitoring solutions for providers

  • Web services or direct connection to the Console
  • QR code/barcode/NFC scanners
  • NFC smartphones and tablets thanks to a control application
  • ergonomic and adaptable to each service provider profile
  • ensuring its operation in degraded conditions (no internet connection, no power supply).
  • Bar code + contactless identification (Bluetooth, NFC and/or MiFare), in order to allow access to infrastructures via non-optical readers
        Generation of virtual access codes that can be displayed on mobile phones
        (QR Code type). Adjustable validity periods for the QR Code (dynamic QR Code).

A state of the art offering

  • New generation of service platform
  • 100% web development, with powerful and modern tools based on open source technologies.
  • Service-oriented architecture.
  • Interfaces available with the main ticketing editors: Vivaticket, Secutix, Digitick, Ingenie...
  • Open Source
  • Ability to support volume
  • RGPD thanks to the AMC* standard
  • IS security
  • Data storage in France